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  • Dialin Watts

    Eleven just isn't enough for this band .. . . . . . . Dialin Watts started in the winter of 2008…Read More

  • Spectrum Venue

    Welcome to the Spectrum Scene showcasing Live Music, Comedy Shows and Customized Entertainment Eveni…Read More

  • GeTBaD

    We are a high-energy professional rock cover band that plays in Wichita. Support the Wichita lo…Read More

  • Shyner

    SHYNERS NEW ALBUM "Shyne On" is out and for sale now - hit us up if you need one.…Read More

  • Don't See Your Band?

    You haven't registered! What are you waiting for? You can post your logo, add an audio facebook, upl…Read More

  • SUITE 68

    we are a top40 dance band with a edge most songs from the last 2 yrs.we r a 3 piece male variaty act…Read More

  • Ayala

    In the end, we all just want to be heard...please check out Ayala on …Read More

  • Poultry N Motion

    Poultry 'N Motion specializes in creating live music excitement. With their energetic song lists of …Read More

  • Dear Departed

    Three months after forming, Dear Departed blasted onto their local music scene of Wichita, Kansas as…Read More

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