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Livy High

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Livy High is NOT Rock. Rock is a musical umbrella that keeps you safe and dry and Livy High doesnt do safe. Live 4-part harmony isnt safe and doing it while giving you the best show of your life very well could be the last thing you see before the world ends. Livy High wants to rip your tattered umbrella to pieces and expose you to the elements. All of them. They want to take you to a KISS show, stuff Eagles harmonies and Nickelback hooks in a sock made from Dimebags guitar solos, and smack you with it until Foo Fighters lyrics make sense. Its that serious.

Why? Its because it reminds you of something familiar. Yet when you listen to this band from Wichita, KS, you realize you cant quite put your finger on it. You like that. You and over 90,000 people that have watched their video for Stay like that. You think Wow, I dig this, but it doesnt sound quite like Shinedown or Theory of a Dead Man. Dont feel bad. Its only because youve lived so long underneath the Rock Umbrella that youre used to depending on someone to tell you what you just heard. Youll only do that with Livy High once; they have instantly recognizable songs that will never make you ask Who is that? And once you become a fan, youll be hooked for life.

Label - Romanfall Records

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